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Jeremy Levis

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Montelupo Films is headed up by multi award winning filmmaker Jeremy Levis. Trained at The London International Film School, he spent several years working for the BBC and a range of film and TV companies before branching out on his own.


Like many of my entrepreneur clients I couldn’t resist setting up my own businesses. First in coffee and then construction over the last few years, and assumed that my film career was over.

But when a friend asked me to make a film for his business I realised there were some really interesting possibilities here. Other friends then asked me to make films for their businesses, so I bought a camera, and before I knew it, it had become my main job again.


Making online videos for businesses large and small has, surprisingly, proved to be some of the most enjoyable work of a long and varied career. I get to really know my clients and their businesses, and become invested in the outcome.


The freedom and speed offered to the modern videographer, also makes the process vastly more straight forward.

A completely different film for me, and unlike anything I've done before.


Also an absolute pleasure to work with such a delightful and creative gang.

Come and make a video with Montelupo Films.


Videography across London, Essex and Kent.

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