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Landmark Private Finance wanted to get a video for every member of the team.


Amanda was very reluctant to be in front of the camera, but look how well she did. I think her warmth and charm really come through.

What happens when you make a video

Every film is different and has it's own requirements, but this should give you an idea of what takes place on a typical shoot.

Starting Point

The first conversation is to establish if you actually need a video, and if so why. It’s vital that we both understand what questions your clients need answering, and how this is going to help your business.


Learning about your business

Once we have an understanding of the what is required, we spend some time putting together the content of what will go in the film.

I will write up some questions for the interview, and we’ll work out what other footage is required.


The Shoot

We schedule the key shoot, this is where you appear on camera, with me guiding you through it. 


I will shoot the B-roll, this is all the other footage that appears in the film, some of this may have you in it, going about your business, often this can be shot without you.

We may also shoot product demos or client testimonials.


Post Production

This is where we edit everything together, and will include some of the following;


Sound design


Voice Over

Archive Photos


That's a Wrap!

The finished film is then uploaded to a host, typically YouTube and Vimeo, and can now be integrated into your website. Clips can be made available for use on Social Media.

Come and make a video with Montelupo Films.


Videography across London.

Film Production

Any more questions?

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