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People kept asking me, could I help them make videos for their social media, and I aways said, sorry, it's just going to cost too much.

Well now I've found a way that makes it very cost effective. We sit you down in front of the camera and film a batch of short videos (typically 15-30 seconds) one after another.

Here's one I made of myself.

This was for my LinkedIn profile video.

This is the Headshot Photographer Ivan Weiss, who features in a much longer video on the Prices page (don't you love a repeat customer!).

This was one of a series we put together, describing what happens when you get photographed.

Ivan wanted longer than usual films, as that suited the format he needed.

Ideally you should already have some idea of what you want to say in your videos, and this should integrate into your overall marketing plan.

Rather like Ivan's sessions there's no limit to how many films we can shoot in one go, however, you will find there's a natural limit to these things.

The session along with putting the videos together costs under £1,000.

Come and make a video with Montelupo Films.


Videography across London, Essex and Kent.

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