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What will it cost?

Projects can start from as little as £1,000. 

If you're just after a stack of Social Media Videos, that should cover it.


In the early 90’s I worked on a commercial for Mitsubishi. That 1 day shoot would have cost over £100,000 and the costs to broadcast it many multiples of that, if you adjust that to todays prices we’re talking well over a million pounds.


What’s so exciting about videography today is that I can apply all of my filmmaking experience to a normal sized business or even a sole trader and produce a great looking video for £2,000.


Particularly if you represent a bigger company, you may decide that you need something more substantial, the nature of the film business is it’s infinitely scalable, we can bring other highly skilled crew and gear to get what’s needed.


However we should never lose sight of the question; What’s Your Return On Investment?


If we don’t think this video could drive sales many times its cost, we shouldn’t make it.

There are of course alternatives to hiring a videographer, chances are, as you’re reading this now, you will have in your pocket an amazing movie camera, in fact the barriers to making a video today are virtually non-existent. 


If you have the inclination, this can be great for social media. 


However, when it comes to your website, you should bear in mind that a stethoscope doesn’t cost very much either, and it’s generally a good idea to use someone that knows what they’re doing with that too!

A much longer film that normal, and a multi-camera set up, for an interview by the photographer Ivan Weiss with Aisling from CBA casting, about what to look for in a an actors headshot.

Come and make a video with Montelupo Films


Videography across London, Essex and Kent

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