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When you hear the name Microsoft or Virgin, whose face do you picture?

You are the face of your business.


By putting you as the face of your business, no matter what you do, you establish your brand.

By humanising the business, potential clients can build a rapport with you.

Since the dawn of commerce, one thing remains true, we buy from those whom we know.




In most cases your competitors will not have done this, and you will therefore become the voice of your industry.

Your authority is established, sometimes out of all proportion, as the go-to-expert in your field.

And finally there is something else video can give, something that we don't often talk about in business, and that's the emotional response.

We are not just transmitting dry information, we should be entertaining your audience too.

By informing and entertaining, we can make this a pleasurable experience for your future clients.

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The competition amongst the top London law firms for the best graduates is fierce, Harbottle & Lewis needed to show what made their firm more attractive than the others.

So their agency, Dynamic Pear, brought me in to make a day in the life film of a trainee lawyer.

Below is a video I shot for Katherine Philips who runs Pop Connect. The objective, naturally enough, was to attract future clients.

But something interesting happened when we showed the video to Pop Connect's existing clients, it reminded them why they liked being part of the Pop family, how much fun they had, and how it helped their businesses.

I'd never really understood why BMW and Mercedes made ads for people that already had their cars, but by making them feel good about their purchase, they were more likely to stay with the brand.

Come and make a video with Montelupo Films.


Videography across London, Essex and Kent.

Pop Connect Film
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