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There are only so many top graduates out there.

How does your company appear to them?

Sure we want to impress, but not to intimidate.

So how do we convey that this is somewhere they will feel welcome?

That this is somewhere they would want to start their career




In most cases your competitors will not have done this, and you will therefore become the voice of your industry.

Your authority is established, sometimes out of all proportion, as the go-to-expert in your field.

And finally there is something else video can give, something that we don't often talk about in business, and that's the emotional response.

We are not just transmitting dry information, we should be entertaining your audience too.

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The competition amongst the top London law firms for the best graduates is fierce, Harbottle & Lewis needed to show what made their firm more attractive than the others.

So their agency, Dynamic Pear, brought me in to make a day in the life film of a trainee lawyer.

We Are Ecstatic!

Lisa Lacuna Assoc CIPD

Senior People Manager ar Harbottle & Lewis

Below is a video we shot for Colt Early Years.


Every September Colt introduce all their new European recruits to each other and to as many areas of the firm as possible.


It's a sort of freshers week for new employees.

Creative Magic!

Aishat Ola-Said

Global Head of Early Careers at Colt

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Come and make a video with Montelupo Films.


Videography in London.

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